1. How do I order?

Using the "Add to Cart", "Order Now" or "Phone Order" button

2. Is the installation included in the price?

As a main activity we are a funeral monument factory, our main activity is the realization of funeral monuments. Assembly is a service generally provided by authorized assembly companies.

To answer exactly this question, our answer is: Yes, only in Craiova and within the county of Dolj (but the rate increases with the increase of the number of km outside the city).

3. Is the inscription (writing) of the monuments included in the price of the monument?

NOT ! Although sometimes there may be promotions where registration is less expensive or even free.

Funerary marble monuments: the price is 100 lei the first 50 characters, if the threshold is exceeded, an additional 1 lei / character will be paid.

Funerary monuments in granite: the price is 250 lei the first 50 characters, if it exceeds the threshold, an additional 3 lei / character will be paid.

Marble commemorative plaques: the price is 50 lei the first 50 characters, if it exceeds the threshold will pay an additional 1 leu / character.

4. Is the transport free?

NOT ! Although sometimes there may be various promotions with reduced or even free shipping.

5. Do you ship anywhere in Romania?

Yes, in principle we deliver anywhere in Romania, excluded areas that are difficult to reach (villages where car access is very difficult or can only be used with special vehicles), the Danube Delta. If you are in areas where the courier cannot deliver the product, the nearest courier depot can be sent from where you can pick it up personally.

6. Do you also ship to Europe?

Yes, we can also deliver to Europe, at this moment we do not have an automatic system for calculating the price for transport outside the country so for areas outside Romania please contact us by e-mail or telephone to make an offer of price on transport.

7. Can we pay a refund?

No, you have the option to pay an advance by bank transfer (minimum 30%) or by card, and upon receipt of the package you can pay the difference.