Detergent pentru mucegai, licheni si alge  - 1
  • Detergent pentru mucegai, licheni si alge  - 1
Detergent pentru mucegai, licheni si alge  - 1
  • Detergent pentru mucegai, licheni si alge  - 1

Detergent for mould, lichens and algae

Reference: C1.MOSS
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  Natural stones

Granite and marble are natural stones and they can present color variations.

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Introducing our highly effective cleaning solution, the XStone C1.MOSS Detergent. Specially formulated to tackle moss, lichen, and algae, this detergent is ideal for the removal of these unwanted growths from a variety of surfaces. Particularly effective in shaded areas, it is the perfect solution for facades, walls, monuments, statues, and other outdoor surfaces prone to these types of infestations.


With XStone C1.MOSS Detergent, achieving a cleaner and revitalized surface has never been easier. Simply apply the detergent to the affected area and allow it to work its magic. After a short period of time, rinse it off with water and witness the restoration of the surface to its original condition.


The versatility of our detergent extends to various materials such as marble, granite, natural stone, concrete, and terracotta. Whether you need to clean floorings, stairs, coverings, walls, facades, monuments, or statues, XStone C1.MOSS Detergent delivers exceptional results.


Designed to handle surfaces with rough, smoothed, or sandblasted finishes, our detergent ensures efficient and hassle-free cleaning. Shake well before use and dilute it with water according to your needs. For manual cleaning, simply rub it with a scrubber, while mechanical cleaning can be done using a mono brush with its scrubber. Finish off the process by rinsing with a strong water jet or a high-pressure cleaner, and patiently let the surface dry.


Packaged conveniently, you can choose from a box of 16 Pcs of 1 Lt/Kg, a box of 8 Pcs of 2 Lts/Kgs, a box of 4 Pcs of 5 Lts/Kgs, or a box of Tank of 25 Lts/Kgs. The approximate coverage is 1 liter per 10 square meters, depending on the surface area to be cleaned.


Conquer stubborn moss, lichen, and algae with XStone C1.MOSS Detergent. Buy now and reveal the beauty of your surfaces with ease and confidence.


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