Solutie de curatare profesionala NEUTREX  - 1
  • Solutie de curatare profesionala NEUTREX  - 1
Solutie de curatare profesionala NEUTREX  - 1
  • Solutie de curatare profesionala NEUTREX  - 1

Professional cleaning solution for marble and granite

Reference: NEUTREX
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  Natural stones

Granite and marble are natural stones and they can present color variations.

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Neutrex professional cleaning solution

Neutrex professional cleaning solution is the perfect choice to keep your gemstones clean and shiny. With this effective, alkaline degreaser ready to remove the most stubborn organic dirt stains, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your marble long into the future.

With a specially designed formula, this solution is suitable for all types of stone, regardless of texture or colour. Whether you have marble countertops, floors or stairs, this solution will prove to be your trusted partner in cleaning them.

The main feature of this cleaning solution is the speed with which it degreases. Organic dirt stains will be removed in just a few moments. And the best thing is that you don't have to worry about polished surfaces, as this product ensures that no unwanted effects will occur, such as diminished shine.

Neutrex cleaning solution is available in a 1 litre container, which is enough to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. Economical and effective, you'll benefit from a long-term solution, saving you money and time.

Another advantage of this solution is its safety in use. While it removes dirt and unpleasant stains, it is gentle on delicate surfaces and does not cause any damage. You can use it without worry, knowing that the product will properly care for your gemstones.

In conclusion, Neutrex professional cleaning solution is a versatile, effective and reliable product for cleaning all types of stone. Buy it now and enjoy the amazing results you will have. Keep your marble crosses shining forever!

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