Soluție de curățare profesională  - 1
  • Soluție de curățare profesională  - 1
Soluție de curățare profesională  - 1
  • Soluție de curățare profesională  - 1

Professional cleaning solution

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Granite and marble are natural stones and they can present color variations.

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Our professional cleaning solution is a great choice for your fast and efficient cleaning needs. Developed with a water-based formula, this mild foaming cleaner is perfect for removing unwanted stains from a variety of surfaces, both pore and non-pore surfaces.

Since our solution is suitable for all types of porous and non-porous fabrics, it proves to be a wonderful aid in removing organic stains that have not penetrated too deeply into the fabric or surface. This includes stains such as wine, coffee, nicotine, wood, fruit, juices, tomatoes and other organic stains.

With a generous 1 litre volume, this professional cleaning solution provides you with enough product to perform multiple cleaning jobs. Whether you use it at home or in a professional environment, our cleaning solution is designed to give you exceptional results and effective cleaning, leaving behind shiny, streak-free surfaces.

Choose our professional cleaning solution to have the confidence that unwanted stains will become just an unpleasant memory. With superior performance and ease of use, this product becomes a must-have in any cleaning arsenal. Purchase now and get outstanding cleaning results!


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